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How Could Therapy Help You?

Some people find counselling can help them restore and maintain their emotional well being.


 Or it may be that you feel that you are in crisis and you need some help navigating through a difficult time. 


It could be that you are feeling over whelmed by the demands of your life, may be you are experiencing a lack of motivation to deal with whatever you have to cope with.


Or maybe you are feeling more worried and anxious than normal. It could be that you have been self harming or have had suicidal thoughts.


People come to counselling for so many different reasons and will experience their time in therapy very differently.

Counselling can provide a safe and accepting space where issues can be explored


 I practice from two locations Hove and Brighton. See address & map for more information.


9a Princes Street, Brighton, BN2 1RD


69 Church Rd, Hove, BN3 2BB

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